Universal Orlando trip

So, our trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and all things Universal Orlando Saturday was a big hit. We took Diggory, Ria’s Word-Whimsy squirrel, and embarked early in the morning with our friend in the car, and followed another couple down to Orlando. I like the name of the new area….
As a member of Word Whimsy, let me first say that their first choice of “wording” annoys me. They call it the “Wizarding” World, as if to use a present active participle or to imply that Wizarding is a verb… As if to say, “Wizarding.”

To say that this is a present active participle, a participle is

Wizarding, Having wizarded, about to wizard, having been wizarded, about to be Wizarded…

So as my girlfriend laughs hysterically at me for being a word nerd, I scoff in her general direction and assert that this use of the word “Wizard” is not correct, however whimsical and freely they decide to use it. Either way, the day was warm, and we opted to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel to avoid the extortion that the amusement park would extol from our wallets. Pulling in to the parking tollbooths, we quickly realized that by the necessity of taking 2 vehicles, it cost us a ridiculous $40 dollars to park the two cars, the cost of an extra half a ticket.

We redeemed our tickets at the Will-Call booth, where many slow but shaded employees sat behind Dell computers to confirm our online ticket purchases from the night previous.

We took many fun pictures with Diggory, including pictures of him squaring off with my step-daughter’s new stuffed hippogryph, and getting a picture with the Cat in the Hat. We had a late lunch at the Three Broomsticks, and decided that it was time to discern what a “Cornish Pasty” was…With that, my girlfriend and I decided to try the “Frozen Butterbeer” that a friend had raved about to us from her previous Harry Potter experience, although upon my second sip, decided that I had just paid $4 for a super-chilled vanilla cream soda with a frosty head of something that tasted like a liquid Werther’s Original.

The late morning catered to Universal’s current celebration of Mardi Gras and it was the last Saturday of Spring Break, so a wild and crazy crowd of nearly 30,000 visitors stuffed the park full of eager and swift pedestrians. This made the lines for everything over 45 minutes in length and made even buying souvenirs a wait in line.

The rides were great, especially the new Harry Potter ride. I will not ruin it here, but it is worth it. On our way home, we took the I-75 exit in Wildwood and ate at the really good IHOP there. We got home late and had a great day. I got my stuffed Barn Owl, and bought some good candy.

A day full of friends, family, and a fun time. I can’t wait to go again, preferably when the weather cools down. It will also add to the Hogsmeade Village decor of the snowy rooftops that they included in the Harry Potter area at Universal.





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