What a beautiful day!

September 30th was my wedding. The weather was bright and blue, and the clouds were sparse. It was warm, and the bride beautiful and glad to see me. The tuxes were Chocolate pin, and everything with the caterer and the DJ went great. Thank you to our friends at Publix for the cake and cupcakes. After we left Friday night, Saint Augustine was our destination for the weekend, and everything was clear, smooth and magical.

We walked a lot, and rode the Red Train all day Saturday. We ate breakfast both mornings out on Casa Blanca’s porch facing Avenida Menendez. The breeze coming in from the bay both mornings was fantastic. The first stop after we put the car in our “assigned” parking space was the Lion and the Mermaid used bookstore. We walked out of there with a few purchases and an armful of antique school books, many of which require some TLC, and a good home.

Lunch at the Columbia that afternoon was worth every penny, and everything was delicious. Our afternoon went from a late lunch to the Schooner Freedom at the Marina, with our trip up the bay for the Bay cruise. We took some beautiful pictures of the sunset and were able to meet some other folks who were also celebrating their anniversaries.

Saturday night we also did the Ghost Train mobile haunted storytelling tour. This ended with us seeing two cemeteries and the Ripley’s Castle. The entire trip we had ideal weather and breezes, and the nights were cool enough to enjoy on the patio with a cold drink, like the 2 Guinesses I enjoyed Saturday night with the pizza we ordered.

Sunday morning we made our way over to Saint George Street, and meandered about, and also stopped into the Catholic Gift Shop at the Cathedral Basilica. Cafe Del Hidalgo was our lunch, and their paninis were tasty, and their Italian sodas were refreshing and we enjoyed Gelato afterwards. We took our gelato out to Hypolita Street and sat on a bench across from the Sangria’s Tapas bar, where we could hear someone playing guitar, and we watched the world go by for a little bit.

All together, a most wonderful week for me and my new bride. Thank you again to everyone who came out to support this special day, and all who could come celebrate with us in some way. Cheers!

-Val Michael Selvaggio

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