What I’m working on currently 7/22/2013

I have decided it’s time to pull this file off my desktop, and I sent it via Evernote to my IPad so I could start to re-read it for editing. I have since also added an addition 3-400 words, and it is in need of about 30,000 more words before it is where I feel I can even begin to work on the second part. I had originally intended, after finishing the first 50k words, to make this something larger, more sweeping, and …divisa in tres partibus… (Ha ha…. insert random Caesar quote here!)

Seriously though, I have long felt that this document just needed to expand to three parts, preferably between 80-100k words each.

On another note, what I am reading currently:

I have found a copy of L.E. Modesitt Jr.’s Wellspring of Chaos and I must credit it with how easy it was for me to get swept up in this tale. I like the Earthy world which Mr. Modesitt Jr. creates, and I find most of the characters so far are easy to like and have a real feel… That part of the character in a story that makes you understand their life. The author conveys the hardships of their daily life, and makes it clear and as if it could be found on a canvas somewhere. The Cooper and his two sons, and his wife…  Two merchants’ lads, young, and already we know they have impulsiveness and drunkenness, as well as appetites for the pleasures of women driving them to be inappropriate in public places.

The other novel I am reading currently is Faith and Fire by James Swallow… This is a Warhammer 40k novel, based on the Sisters of battle. I like the writing style so far, I am not really familiar with the 40k world, or many of its characters, so this book so far has been a study in the author’s writing devices more than anything.

The story I am currently editing/writing I would classify as Castles and Kings-style Fantasy, but I have tried writing Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk Fiction enough that I may even try a little of that soon myself. I have much written already for a story that I am tempted to make a simple Cyberpunk novel, since I really do not want to utilize the fan-fiction style I would use if I wanted to just incorporate the Shadowrun Universe. I really want to make it a real place, or a real place in a different time… looking at it with a futuristic eye.

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