Angel Dear

Angel Dear,
May you be without fear, my watchful guard. May my safety you bear, my protection you keep.
There is a woman dearer to me than all earthly things. Mightiest of the holy angels, may you be brave, that you may watch through the night. Quietly watch; and may you hold her in your arms. Let my mind rest, that I may walk in peace. I venerate you, and ask that you bless me.

Angele Care,
Tu sine metu sis, vigillans custos meus. Tu salutem meam feras, praesidium meum teneas.
Est femina quae est cariora mihi omnibus terrestibus rebus. Potentissimus sanctorum angelorum, sis fortis, ut per noctem vigileas. Vigile tacite; et eam in brachiis tuis teneas. Anima mea requiescat, ut in pacem ambuleam. Veneror te, et rogo ut mihi benedicat.

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