Are we worthy?

How profound are the disclosures of our God? From whom have we accepted the ancient mysteries of faith? To what fires of Hell have we been cast? I am contaminated by this world. I seek God. However, the purging fires alone can purify my body and my soul. Pray, oh saints, for me, to the most merciful God in the heavens; that we may be able to admire God, and we will sing with his heavenly angels.

Quomodo patefactiones nostri Dei profundae sunt? Quone antiqua mysteria fidei accepimus? Quibus ignibus inferni iaciemur? Ego ab hoc mundo contaminatus sum. Deum quaero, autem soli purgandos ignes purificare corpus meum possunt, et anima mea. Orate O Sancti, pro mi ad misericordissimum deum in caelis; ut possimus admirari Deum et suis caelestibus angelis canemus.

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