Bedtime Latin stories!

Greetings again friends!

I received a wonderful book for Christmas from our friend Laurel, one of Ria’s best friends. This particular book consists of 12 Latin Stories, and they are all fairy tales that have been translated into Latin and left without English translation to aid the reader in their Latin vocabulary and sight-reading. Per my stepdaughter’s request, she asked me if I could read her a Latin story before her bedtime last night. So I sat on the edge of her bed and read her “Tres Porcelli” from the book Fabulae Mirabiles for fun. Ria invited my roommate and his girlfriend to sit in on my oral story reading fun. Complete with voice characterizations for the pigs and the Wolf, I went through the three page story in Latin, with full Latin and facial expressions.

It was a lot of fun, and I have 11 other stories that I could read for her. We will see if she wants to hear a new story tonight and it would give me great pleasure to read for her again.

Cheers, and as we say in Latin:

Vive et Vale.


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