Curriculum for Latin

I am still thinking of how best to approach a course for Latin Language. I have experience enough tutoring adults. (people over 20+) However, teaching students Latin without prior exposure to the language, who are between the ages of 12-18 may require a multiple-class format each week.

In order to cover all of the practice sentences and cover the vocabulary, and then cover the section of ancient sentences that are quoted from famous ancient authors and sources would take a second day’s class. — Unless of course, the class time was closer to 2 hours.

Even when I took the collegiate level Latin, we utilized a textbook for the first year that was based on a 40-chapter format. Our class length twice/weekly was nearly 2 hours. This worked well, and prompted the instructor to cover 1 chapter per week, the second week consisting of the next chapter’s material, and one day to review for the chapter’s upcoming exam at the end of each week.

Since each of our semesters was a 20-week block, we would cover all the material in the first half of the Wheelock’s Latin textbook per semester. This was called Intermediate Latin I

Second Year Collegiate Latin was taught from Oxford Latin III textbook. In a similar manner, the book was split in half across the two semesters that composed Intermediate Latin II.

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