Oh Watchful Mother

Oh watchful and tender mother by whom we are watched with a merciful and patient love. Restore us when we fall, and return us to your blessed care if we should lose our way.
Do not banish us from thy awesome presence. Grant us inner calm, and an iron steadfastness. Give us the will of warriors and the piety of those who set themselves wholly and completely to you, Oh mother.
Show us how to pray. Teach us patience and virtue. Help us in our misery to become wiser; and help us seek a path of self-sacrifice which is the greatest love of all.
Help us to recognize fairness and justice with clemency, mete out our impurities with your spiritual fire, and cleanse us of harshness and dishonest ways.
Teach us to be selfless, walk with us thru the darkest nights. We are your children. Help everyone see the creation within us all, that they may know that we belong wholly to you.
— Let it be so.

O vigilans teneraque mater qua cum misericordia patientiaque amora vigiliamur. Restituere nos cum occidimus, et redi nos ad tutelam beatam tuae si viam nostrae aberremus. Non nos extermina ex praesentia verenda tuae. Dona nobis aequum mente, et constantiam ferream. Da nobis voluntatem militum et pietas illorum qui ipsos totius et prorsus seponent pro tibi, O Mater.
Ostende nobis quomodo orare, doce patientia virtusque nobis. Adiuva nos in misera nostrae fieri sapior, et adiuva nos quaerere semitam sacrificii, quae est maxima amor omnium. Adiuva nos cognoscere aequitas iustitiaque cum clementia; et emetiri impuritates nostrae cum ignibus spiritalibus tuis, et ablueas nos asperitatis et fraudulentarum viarum.
Doce nobis esse pudicus. Ambula nobiscum per spisissimas noctium. Tui liberi sumus. Adiuva omnes videre creatio intra nos, ut se cognoscant nos esse totius in numero tibi.
— Ita fiat.

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