Spirit Soldiers

May 11, 2006

Spirit Soldiers

Sturdy hollow and sacred glen, wake and hear me.
Thy ears though gnarled as they be, heed this decree.
Let thy dark crevices be filled with thy master’s light.
Rise beneath my feet and send, martyrs who have died for right.
Churn thy soil and yield up thy ghostly keeping.
Where an army forgotten by the ages, still lie weeping.
Serve my hand and hear my call, I beseech you, one and all.
Restore this land to timely green, as it was, before its fall.

With these words I had just been uttering,
In the damp, cold night, I stood, shuddering.
It was then I saw, in speechlessness, the shades of those who’d gone before.
Leaving their beds of earthen mud, they marched as did in days of yore.
With such fervor the dead had awoken,
As if some magic I had spoken.

Firmum cavum et sacra vallis, surgete, et audite me. Aures tuas (quamquam nodosae sicut essent) hunc decretum curant. Rimae tenebrae tuae cum luce vostri domini impleantur. Orimini sub pedibus meis et mittite, martyres qui pro dexteram mortua sunt. Excitate humus tua et illaqueta tutela tua oriatur. Ubi exercitus, oblitus ab saeculis, adhuc flentem ponet. Conservate manus mea et audite clamorem meum, vos obsecro, unum omnemque, reddere illa terra ad viridem tempestivam. Sicut erat ante ruinam eius.

Cum his verbis modo emittebam, in humida, frigida nocte, steti, horrens. Erat tunc ut vidi, elinguis. Umbrae illorum qui ante ierant. Relinquens lectos suos terreni luti, aggredere sic fecerant in diebus antiquarum. Cum tanto fervore, mortui somnis excitaverant. Quasi ab aliqua magica locutus eram.

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