The Keeper

My shoulders are decorated with purple cloak,
like a victor returned to Rome.
Olive garlands confess to greatness. Although at home
I am not heroic. Even now the Romans have forgotten me.
In fear, the protectors have banished themselves. They have
invited conquered slaves into their midst.
As they dine in the halls of their very enemies,
Unworthy men are elevated to false offices.
Take up censer and relics. Lift voices in song.
Wing????d messengers have foretold the arrival of our Lord.
Many shall be consigned to flames of despair.
Woe to insolent men! Woe to the conquered!
Their crimes will not escape without punishment.
All shall sing, ???????We shall flourish, for we are vindicated.???????
Like the accursed, the secrets of our rites must be concealed
by shadows. We shall drive out demons. The heresies shall be crushed.
Being dressed simply, the mysteries of faith have been given to us. We are the
keepers of age-old rites, we are the stewards of ancient traditions. We are adherents
to ancient truths. In living we are enlightened, in dying, we are set free. We are unchanging; now and forever.

Umeri mei pallio purpureo ornantur,
Velut victor ad Romam reditus.
Ad magnitudonem coronae olivae confitentur.
Quamquam in domo non sum heroicus.
Vel nunc Romani me obliti sunt.
In metu, praesidia se expulerunt.
Ei victos servos inter se invitaverunt.
Dum in atriis inimicorum ipsorum cenant.
Viri indigni in falsis officiis levantur.
Perfer turibulum reliquasque, tollite voces in cantu.
Alati nuntii adventum Domini nostri praedicerunt.
Multi flammas repudiationis mandabuntur.
Vae hominibus insolentibus! Vae victis!
Sceleres eorum sine punitione non fallent.
Omnes canent, ???????Florebimus nam vindicamur.????????
Similis exsecratis, secreta rituum nostrorum ab umbris
occulenda sunt. Daemones expellemus. Haereses opprimentur.
Indutis simpliciter, mysteria fidei nobis datae sunt.
Custodes sumus vetustorum rituum, Ministros sumus traditionum antiquorum.
Assectatores veritatibus antiquis sumus. In vivendo illuminamur,
In moriendo liberamur. Immutantes sumus; nunc et in perpetuum.

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