Adding World Currencies

I had a good discussion today with my class about the different types of currencies to consider for your world. Some of the ideas I normally include made them pause, or comment aloud. Crimes that occur within your economic system is also something to take into account.

  • Internet Crimes: Many science-fiction stories have cyber crime. Often the writer must come up with the organization that combats this cyber crime. This may also be referred to as net crime.
  • Information Mining: This can be limited to people stealing from trash or postage, or as broad-ranging as home invasion and stealing the family computer. This may also be someone with a lot of money invested in a computer, who targets large organizations.
  • Bartering Systems: How much street-vending and haggling takes place within your world? — Infrequent? Commonplace? Every-day or Acceptable to the vendor? Non-existent?
  • General Theft: This covers everything from purse snatchers on the street, to breaking-and-entering style home invasions, and is not limited by demographics or size of population.
  • Intelligence Hackers: In a very science-fiction world, this type may occur as frequently as a mugger or purse snatcher, or may be more infrequent, like a sea pirate attack. The real decision comes in deciding the means to execute or carry out the crime.

The writer’s job is coming up with an unexpected, or unforeseen method of “pulling off” the crime in the first place. Whether their characters get away with it is another topic.

More soon!

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