Fictional World Calendar

Week 1 of my online course deals with two topics, the first of which I will discuss in brief here. I go over the use of a calendar, and giving new and original names to the months, the seasons, and designating the length of a Week and how many of them occur in your calendar’s length. This can be divided up however you see fit, and can often be simply divided when the sun is visible or not, or it may be based creatively on some other external constant, such as celestial movement or your own world’s orbit.

Seasons do not have to be four in number, but can be longer or shorter than ours here on Earth. They can also be more numerous based on ideas such as a species’ myths, their relationship to other planets within the heavens, or simply based on external weather factors.

I direct my students to a very good free timeline creation software, and let them know that the software is not *required* for class, but is fun to use, and can provide for a great reference when you are trying to keep plot points straight, or match up the events on one string with something that happened elsewhere within your fictional world. As I recall, more than one strand can be viewed in a type of overlapping view, so that you can see where the strings cross on the same date on different timelines of events.

It seems like it could be very useful for creating a well-thought and well-organized Historical fiction novel.

More to come!

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