K-12 Latin Certification

So, Friday morning was my big test. Ria and I drove to Gainesville to the Pearson Testing Center, and an hour and twenty minutes later, I was on the phone to tell her to come get me. I had passed my Florida certification exam. Ria took a silly photo of me holding my “Unofficial” certificate, with my eye-glass free mugshot plastered to the front of it, a blur in black and white, and with my silly eyes wide and my eyebrows raised, we promptly posted a picture of my “pass” face…

The test was 100 questions, the first 40 of which tested my reading comprehension (In Latin) with 4 separate and complex readings, each around 20 lines of text. The testing center was like Fort Knox, and they didn’t even let you bring so much as a pencil into the computer testing center area. The Indian lady behind the counter asked me twice if I had anything in my pockets, even though I had padded myself down in front of them.
I’m thinking to myself, “Do you want a metal-detector wand?”

So I am now “Unofficially” official….. to… teach… all those hungry little minds, thirsting for knowledge to speak to Julius Caesar…


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