Occupational Developments…

So, I have been dropping my resume in several of the high schools nearby with the keen hope that one of them would actually give it a look over.

To my surprise, after leaving a copy with the local Catholic High School, I get a phone call from the Assistant Principal. He tells me that he would like to make further educational experience happen for me, even if (at first) that experience is simply substitute teaching a couple times a week. However, he also mentioned that he would not be hiring right away, and still needs to know whether this new Language Chair will be okay with including Latin as one of the languages offered in the school’s curriculum.

So, verily, I am going crazy trying not to think about this, but I am trying to take the steps down this path, so that hopefully I can make a good situation for myself. I do tire of what I do now, and I would love nothing more than to teach full-time.


I now realize, after speaking with the school, that they can help me with anything in the Diocese of Orlando, if I am able/willing to re-locate, or able to get to the location adequately. There are several schools that I can be placed in, however, I feel most at home with the High School. It is a beautiful campus, and I already see many of these students coming into my current workplace.

It is times like these when I wish Mr. McElligott were here. Perhaps he would tell me I will do great. He always knew how to build my confidence in my ability. Where the language of Latin was involved, my concerns always melted away when I could share my doubts. If you are watching me, Mr. McElligott, send me a little of that Irish luck, will you?

“Ad magistro meo, qui primum et optimum meum erat.”

“To my teacher, who was my first and best.”

I am also currently looking for textbooks online, through Amazon.

Many of the High Schools that do teach Latin use Cambridge, a text I am not currently familiar with.

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