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Since July of 2018 I have been teaching a Creative Writing course entitled: Creative Writing: World Building for Writing or Games.

In this course for students ages 11-18, we discuss a number of topics. The students will utilize many resources to assist with each week’s activity. I post an interactive discussion element based on a famous quote, and the Weekly assignment, called a “Suggested Activity” correlates with the each week’s Live Session.

During the Live Session each week, we will discuss everything from building conflict to making a believable setting. The classroom bulletin board is where specific resources will aid the student, giving tips and resources for creating their timeline, designing their map, or creating depth and background. The course discusses how to bring your reader to a place where everything feels like it belongs there, and how to provide the reader with the framework of belief. We discuss governing systems and currencies. the course ends each four weeks with a discussion of characters.

In general, I schedule available course times between Monday and Friday, between 10 AM and 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. If you have a special time or would like a specific day that works with your student’s schedule, and would like to request my class, I can be emailed from the Outschool.com homepage.

More to come!

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