A New (old) Project

I have also decided that the “Shadowrun” style story that I have kept buried in a spiral-bound notebook for many months now is going to become a labor to get into Word document so that I can begin to format and edit it. I am curious about the length of the document already, as I have written 63 pages on 8×10 sheets of spiral-bound paper. It should be interesting to find out what the final word count on this monster is. I know I am nowhere near done with it too, which is the exhilarating part.

I think I have really reached a place where I need to read (skim) over the contents of the work, and lay it out as an outline, and see where in the plot the document is. 63 pages sounds like a lot, but with 5 major characters upon whom all the actions are divided amongst, it actually figures into 10-15 pages per person so far, and that assumes that they have not “teamed up” nor stood up to any particular unifying conflict as of yet. It will be interesting when I figure out what that common denominator is that draws the individuals together. It will also make for interesting brainstorming to decide which character(s) is/are changed forever, (perhaps irreversibly so) and how the main character grows and becomes a different (or better) person.

Although, with a criminal element to this story, will the main character utilize her skills to better herself, or to bring herself into the forefront of some major inter-corporate espionage? What will then need to be decided is whether she gets away with it in any way, or if there are repercussions for her unlawful or unwanted involvement with these tech companies.


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