Star Wars the Old Republic

I had begun playing this game to alleviate some of the anxiety of having to pay for World of Warcraft. I have not been able to pay for my WoW account for nearly 5 months now, so my search to find free-to-play games that were visually appealing became a very rigid search.

I have found that I really enjoy the Sith Warrior, but most of all, I am enjoying the Commando character class. Too often I find myself ending up on the Commando over the other classes, not because it is easier, but because there is something romantic when you know how horrible a raw deal the Republic Commandos got in the transition between the Old Republic and the Imperial Coup that resulted following Order 66.

Upon the Empire’s hunting of all the Jedi in order to ensure their coup of power to achieve control of the Imperial Senate, it was a necessary step in the hostile takeover of the Republican government for the Imperials (little known to many as the Sith Empire) it needed to rid the government of the Republic’s most staunch defenders of peace and justice. This seems to make sense to me. On another note: I have not attempted to play the Sith Inquisitor character class, but I saw a high-level player on a Sith inquisitor the other night use an AoE (Area of Effect) Force Lightning that was an amazing display of power.
Overall, I am finding that I really like this game, despite my initial turn-off visually of it’s User Interface looking too much like Mass Effect. I do not like the graphic interface, but I am willing to overlook that since this game shines in several other areas, including combat styles and the way the armor skins look. These are all (thus far) very appealing indeed. I especially like the armor on my Commando right now, she resembles a Storm Trooper. 😀

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