Tabletop Game Cartography

I have virtually doubled the size of my tabletop fantasy campaign world. I sat down one evening and found some great videos and began drawing along with the person, altering what I wanted for style to make it feel more my own.

I then found a wonderful program to assist me in filling out this world. The site can be found here:


I have found everything there; from names of ships and captains, to randomly described rooms or traps for dungeons. Even descriptions of cities, castles and outlying villages. It even allows you to choose the menu items at the local inn!

You can cannibalize the whole thing to make something entirely different if you only like one feature offered, such as the hair color of a person, or the adjective used to describe their personality. (Anxious, Compassionate, etc.) Maybe you only want your pirate ship to be pulled by sea dragons? Here’s the scissors!

I decided much of what the site provides should be viewed as baseline starting points for further ideas. Much of it needs changing for originality. In order to make the names completely fabricated for my style, and the types of races found there, I had to imagine new names using my world’s dialects. I have written descriptions for nearly every landmark and legend point on the northern map now, and their descriptions fill nearly 24 pages.

I feel that my fantasy world requires two further maps. My reasoning, perhaps, is some irrational drive to complete a whole. The chore of re-drawing the southern map to match the newer northern map, is on my to-do list. From there, any further mapping will have to come later.

Stay tuned!

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