World building for hero campaigns

When? – This is arguably the most important question to ask of your campaign, and most logically affects your game dynamic, as well as determines which items are plausible, which technologies, and which equipment. Which skills does the character possess? Is there a place your characters or NPCs could have learned their knowledge?

Futuristic: How dark is the future? how advanced are the following three things:
1. Medicine
2. Science and Technology
3. Space and Genetic Research

A. Does your world include characters that have genetic irregularities or gifts?
B. Does the general consensus (or the World’s governments) consider these as evolutions or mutations, and is the opinion positive or negative? (E.g.: Are they required to be registered for being different or are they praised for being special or extraordinary.)
Does the world have exposure or contact with other alien forms of life, and are they capable of space travel? Do they have contact with these other forms of life?

Who? – It is important to know who your characters work for, whether it be an organization, a government facility, or a private investor. Are these funds paying for the operatives (players) to work, or are they operating under the duress of survival? They fail, the world crumbles into the anarchy and chaos that comes when communications and structure cease.

Where? – Where do our heroes operate out of, and where is the trouble zone? Draw yourself a thorough map of the affected areas, and indicate in good detail the places to find enemy troops, supply depots, dropship locations for troop transport, safe houses for staying out of fire; also, keep the drawing updated for places that may have become destroyed or attacked in the course of the game sessions, resulting in the players’ need to think on their feet. This will also prompt better thoughts and ideas for RP and will require either random rolls for encounters or will require that the players more quickly decide on a spontaneous course of action.

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