Learning to write neumes.

So, recently I have turned my free-time attentions to learning (or rather re-learning) enough music to be able to write the beautiful if not archaic looking neumes found in Cantus Gregorianus.

I found this site: http://lphrc.org/Chant/

And then I found a really good Chant Notation .pdf file.
For Valentine’s Day, my Ria got me a Moleskine 3×5 pocket-sized sheet-music notebook. *jumps for joy*
I went out and bought a great little calligraphy pen set, with three nibs and two little ink refills.
I couldn’t believe it was $9. So I have started out on my quest. I have a few tapes, so I can listen for the notation. Some of the music I am starting to be able to read well. Learning to read the scales is not really difficult, once you learn the C-clef, and F-clef, and know that the C is on the second bar, not the third as in modern music. Of course, once you know where C is, you can arrange the scale properly.

So it has been a fun week. Soon I will begin actually writing the notes themselves into my notebook, (note) I may need to take something written in modern music staffs and put the music down in my booklet. It will take some time, though.

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