More outlining work for Tapestry

On the bus this afternoon, as well as during my break, I had the determination to sit down and draft several “scenes” to include as breadcrumb trail to the fantasy novel’s Escalation before the turning point in the story. I have included, I believe 6 different and separate “events” that lay down the framework leading up to the protagonists’ monumental discovery.

I will be playing around a little more with these tonight as I try to fill in the motives and the how did it happen? Also, I sat down for a little while this afternoon when I got home and added another chapter to the sci-fi novel work. I have been trying to pace this out at 2-3000 words/night.

Last night I had a rewarding breakthrough and entered a completely free-flowing 1700 word chapter that seemed to fit nicely right after the scene I had typed from the manuscript when I sat down.

Chat again tomorrow, I will post more about what I am reading and what I will be reading next as soon as I finish Wellspring of Chaos.

Until then,

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