World building for hero campaigns

When? – This is arguably the most important question to ask of your campaign, and most logically affects your game dynamic, as well as determines which items are plausible, which technology, and which equipment. which skill does the character possess? Is there a place your characters or NPCs could have learned a trained skill or their knowledge?

Futuristic – How dark is the future. How dark is this future? How advanced is the society? The following three things need to be determined for their level of futurism.
1. Medical advancement
2. Science and Technology.
3. Space and Genetic Research

A. Does your world include characters that have genetic irregularities or gifts?
B. Does the general consensus (the world’s governments) consider these as evolutions or mutations, and is the opinion positive or negative? (E.g. Are they required to be registered for being ‘different’ or are they praised for being ‘special’ or ‘extraordinary’? Does the world have exposure or contact with other alien forms of life, and are they capable of space travel? Do they come to the players (NPCs) on Earth or are they found because of external explorations into the Megaverse?

Who populates this world? Are we the dominant (or only) race on the campaign planet, or are we in a post-idyllic world where we serve some conquering invader?

Do we possess highly-developed Tech (such as cybernetics or mobile suits), any further tech that we have either:
A. Acquired or
B. Reverse-engineered some form of technology for the purpose of fighting back or defending what is left of home?

Regarding the power categories for super heroes: Are
Mutants a. Genetic or b. damaged by man’s actions e.g. Chemical dumping, forced exposure, or irradiation?

3. Motives:
Why would Analytical, Mechanical, or Electrical Genius characters become hero characters, if they aren’t inherently ‘super’?

Creating super organizations
1. Is it a corporate entity, or is it working under government sustenance and funding, or is it funded by independent financial or fiduciary individuals? E.g. S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. X-Men.

Alternatively: the hero campaign may be more Modern, but possess a more either
A. Religious (or)
B. Magical element
1. Ancient Masters / Superspies
2. Mystically-Bestowed characters/Psionicists/Wizards
3. Enchanted Weapon
Becomes more difficult in more Technology-rich settings.
Likewise, anything with Android/Robotics/Cybertech or Aliens/Mutants may make the character feel deponent to the a more fantasy-rich setting.

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