The Shadow Land

Currently, as of the date of this post, I have been reading The Shadow Land for nearly 3 weeks, as time allows. I am half-way through the 21st chapter. This book seems to get a lot of mid-range reviews, especially compared to Elizabeth Kostova’s first offering, The Historian.

The author writes about Bulgaria. A place that I, too, have grown rather curious about. She has opened my eyes to this intriguing place. I watch a youtuber whose wife is from this country. Bulgaria was part of the Roman Empire during its height, as part of two separate provinces. Primarily Moesia and Thracia.

“The territories of modern Northern Bulgaria were initially part of the provinces Moesia and Thracia, but after the splitting of Moesia by Domitian in 86 AD were divided between the two new provinces, Moesia Superior and Moesia Inferior, and a lesser part remained in Thracia.” (https://www2.rgzm.de/Transformation/home/BGStartPage_English.htm)

The story starts out slowly enough, and builds momentum. Although the story does not kill someone right off, much like what you experience reading a book by Dan Brown. It does have its share of loss, and a diligent search progresses from the protagonist’s realization that something is amiss. She is conscientious, methodical, and for the most part, level-headed.

Her taxi driver is along for the ride thus far, but I am honestly not 100% certain of what to make of him yet. He seems like a genuinely good person, with empathy and a desire to “do the right thing” as the author puts it in the taxi driver’s own words. However, the supporting character does not seem to be above breaking a law, or telling a small white lie to get something accomplished. This does not sit well with the protagonist.

I am enjoying this read very much, although, while I do recommend that you pick up and read this book, I may be a little biased in favor of its historical fiction genre label. (it is especially stunning in hardcover with it’s dark blue dust jacket.) I love anything historical or fiction based in the historical, especially with a twist. This book sings to me before I open it. I will continue to read this, as long as I am intrigued by the direction of the story.

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