Monks of the Clandestine Brotherhood

From antiquity, Monks of the Clandestine Brotherhood have brewed deep, bold coffee, that each and every monk is taught to brew daily. In addition to other duties, such as the singing of songs, working in the garden, and writing in the scriptorium, these men apply themselves with whole heart to brewing the boldest coffee possible. When the long day has ended, they are called together to sit and enjoy their coffees in the unassuming halls of the monastery. With fervor, veiled, shadowy, we are absent from the world, but they are not unaware. They are men who are driven by a reverent love for their sacred beans. Few others have found the monastery in the snowy valleys under the Alps. Yet he who has found it, has traded his shirt for the proud brown robes of the Clandestine Brotherhood of the Sacred Bean.

Ex antiqitate, monachi Fraternitas Clandestini profundum audacem coffeum concoxerunt, quod unusquisque monachus concoquere cotidianum docetur. Praeter ad alios officios, qualis canticorum cantans, in horto laborans, et in scriptorium scribens, hi viri se conferrent toto cum corde ad concoquens quam audacissimum coffeum.
Cum longum diem finivit, ad ignem sedere convocantur et frui coffea sua in atriis modestis monasterii. Cum fervore, velati, umbrosi, ex mundo absunt sed non inscios sunt. Sunt viri qui aguntur ab reverente amore suarum divinarum fabarum. Pauci alii monasterium inveniunt in nivalibus vallibus sub Alpines; tamen qui invenit, tunicam suae commutavit pro vestibus superbis spadicibus Fraternitatis Clandestini Divinae Fabae.

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