Nanowrimo update

Now that November is behind me and I can focus my energies on more normal everyday things, I will say that as I had intended, my second novel offering for Cornelius, my main character, surpassed 100,000 words by nearly an additional 10k, at 30 chapters.

I was very pleased with the story’s direction, and apart from a few minor checks to the location-specific details, I feel it is in a good place. We still plan to do the editing work on Remnant first, but this way, the second novel of three is written. All that will remain for the second one will be cover design, art, and internal edit and format details. The second book had a “working” title, but I know for certain that I will be thinking of something different to call it.

More another time. I just wanted to make a few comments here on the subject, since I usually plan to participate in Nano. I have missed a couple of years due to a lack of fresh ideas. Next year, if I have not written the third one by then, it will be the third story, although there are other fantasy pieces blending around in my brain. Some of it detailed enough for me to write from places based on my map drawings.

Photo Credit: Wayne Stadler Photography Flickr via Compfight cc

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