Outlining the climax in 5 parts

I took a bit of paper today and outlined my 5 part climax for the cyberpunk novel. There are 3 items before the peak of the plotline, and then the climax or greatest action, followed by two falling action resolving points that are not considered a part of the resolution. The resolution has three more itemizations that follow the falling action.

Therefore, I have to finish typing in the manuscript, of which only 16 pages of the handwritten document have been typed. There are thus far 4 pages that have been added without the handwritten part. altogether, there are nearly 14k words, but I have 47 pages of the untyped script to add to my typed document still. That does not include anything that I decide belongs in the text as I type along the way.

Again, deciding where the last six stages of the story are going has been an entertaining and brilliant endeavor thus far. Thank you to everyone for reading.


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