Outlining the last stages of the Cyberpunk novel.

I found myself in quite a creative mood after I got off work, that even on the bus ride home, I began writing down the bare minimum information for the next 6 “events” leading up to and including the falling action sequences. I have decided to go a different route with the falling action. It will make a bit of a different outcome for two of the characters who I consider 2 of the 4 main protagonists, who operate as a team in this story. Basing this story on a world where one expects casualties, or body count. It feels so good to be writing all the time and full of ideas. I even took a few minutes to figure out some new things to add to my fantasy novel from 2006.
I am taking a break tonight from the transcription work, since it isn’t really going away.

Updated for 8/1/13

Tonight I have typed an extra 2pages beyond the handwritten manuscript, and I have just entered the 24800+ range for word count, and I am still only on page 31.

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