Untitled Praise

October 16th, 2008

Princes of the Lord of all, scourge of demons’ thrall.
Hear, Oh host, our cry, and heed our call.
With our blessed hands outspread;
Feed us thus, our daily bread.
Defend us by the Lord’s command;
Bless us with thy anointed hand.
In these mortal realms, our watchers be.
Purge us now, our souls for thee.
We take solace in thy righteous word.
Although the damned remain obscured.

Saints of the kingdom, holy and three;
Grant our mired souls recourse to thee.
Your blessing give by holy light,
Exile us not from thy righteous sight.
Humbly are your tellings heard;
Impart to us, Lord, thy holy word.
See us to thy shining gates,
Heavenly Master thy mercy awaits.

Graciously, I spread my wings around.
Oh Saints, in thee my faith abound.
Expel usurpers to an abyss profound.
Upon darkened path, may your angels surround.
For with silver deception his thralls confound;
Sevenfold seven times their sins compound.
Cleanse their souls, your lucid truth astound.
Reward us, Lord, the humble, the poor, a diadem crowned.

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