Reading List & Reference List

Here is a list of things that have been piling up around here that I have the intention (HA HA HA!) of reading.  Not necessarily in this order, as I am already reading #3 currently.

  1. A History of the Roman World 753 to 146 BC (4th ed.)  by H.H. Scullard
  2. Neuromancer by William Gibson
  3. Wellspring of Chaos by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
  4. Cestus Deception by Steven Barnes
  5. Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell
  6. Dialogue by: Gloria Kempton
  7. The Mind of Your Story  by: Lisa Lenard-Cook

These last three I have found that sections from all of these have given me several epiphanies, however I still think I need to begin making an outline for what I have for these writings already.

I have found that there have been several places I have turned to for reference material online, as well. I have been doing location research quite frequently, and I have found some very good descriptive histories for places like Bari, Italy, Lisbon, Portugal, and Barcelona, Spain. There are also some really good reference apps for travel, such as Triposo. Which divides itself up by major city, or by Country, so if you are looking for a narrower view of, say, Rome… You can use Triposo for Rome. I needed to do a lot of date research, mostly for “event” relationship research recently, and believe it or not, I found that Wikipedia, or NewAdvent.org worked well for putting places and dates together that were involved with major periods in World History, such as events surrounding the crusades, the Carthaginians/Punic Wars and in some cases, the 100 Years’ War.


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