Sci-fi novel work

Just an update for 8/4/2013. I have been entering the novel into manuscript form. I have been typing 2,000-4,000 words/daily. I am at the top of page 35 of my handwritten section, and the typed document is nearly 40 pages already, and has crested 30k word count.

I have not had to resort to dry spells of further outlining, but I have been able to pick up with extra dialog and narrative where I feel it is helpful or congruous with the story at that time. I have also found that outlining those parts of the climax and falling action will help with the final sections that I will come to once the handwritten document is entered into the computer, at which time I will not yet be finished with the story. I will take an hour or so here in the next couple of days and try to come up with 3 events for the resolution that tie up the events surrounding the remaining characters, and try to figure out a good place to end the story that satisfies my need to express my fulfillment of closure and continuity. As there may be a future for at least one of these characters, if not 2 or 3. That is for another time.

In the meantime, I have been glad to have the time and the energy to write what I feel is a good story, and one that hopefully people will enjoy. For now, it is merely a bit of world from my invention, and the characters that I have tried to build up. In the future, I hope that they grow as I would like them to. I suppose only getting from here to there in the writing will illustrate that desire better.

Until next time,

Si cotidie scribo, solum tunc possim vocari scriptor. Igitur, aliquid meliorem fiam, Ego fiam quicumque desidero esse.

If I write every day, Only then can I be called a writer, Therefore, I will become something better, I will become whoever I desire to be.

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