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I have transcribed another 4 pages since last night, much of it not actually pulled from the hard copy that I have already written. Much of this thus far has come as improving upon the existing body of text to fill out the situational fiction. Much of what I have added is descriptive paragraphs or extra dialogue as the situation needs to give depth and clarity.

Also, I have progressed in Wellspring of Chaos to Chapter 6, and I believe I have passed the page where the dark world has become apparent to the main character. It is brilliant how it is hinted at during one event two chapters previous, and then he hits you with it in the middle of chapter 5. Brilliant! I will not reveal more than that, for the sake of keeping the plot free of spoilers.

Even though I said I was going to begin work on the second part of my fantasy story’s outline, I felt the time was more justly served by reviewing my first section of novel writing and go back in and see where the other 35k words were going to fill in the rest of the first part in a more rational way. It does not feel right to me to go ahead into a new 2nd part of the series while leaving this first section weak or unfulfilled in scope or depth. This is not wisdom, it is merely a stroke to bring the image to fullness and to give me a sense of “enough.” I simply do not feel that even with this novel ended where it is that it possesses “enough.”

Enough what? You ask.

  1. Enough closure.
  2. Enough early disturbances.
  3. Enough of the Antagonist

Therefore, it does not feel sufficient in my mind to continue writing a second novel in this fantasy story without first addressing the model of the first part, which in large part had to be written twice, due to the fluidity of ideas on paper with pen and ink, and then the required transference of the ideas into the digital realm as it was required to be counted on Nanowrimo.com

Therefore, it is only fitting to me that the second part’s outline be done but at a lower priority than the filling out of the extra 35k goal word body text that I would like to have in place before picking up in a second part.

More later, until then,

Write more, write often!


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