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From a purely fictional standpoint, I am trying to place a value on the wattage that would be supplied to a pair of shock gloves for my fictional sci-fi piece.
I have read enough to know that if a 9-volt battery is supplied enough watts of power, like through plugging in an item, say, a hair dryer. Which is why a blowdryer dropped into a tub of water will be potentially fatal.

I have seen really good examples of how to relate the flow of current to the flow of water through a garden hose, also, another good one was what the equivalent of work is being done
Volts = Watts x Amps

I think this is great, it is simply a matter of getting the right (relevant) info for what I am trying to convey about how powerful this item is. With something worn on the hands, I would think lining the inside of the with a rubber compound to kill the current to keep it from passing to the wearer of the gloves, and then giving the gloves an Amp rating of 0.8 mA and drive about 500 volts through the gloves via a small cell phone battery equivalent power pack, and that would supply 400 watts of current, so you just hold the gloves on someone’s arm long enough to shock them into muscle spasm, and then take the person down with a kill blow or some kind of kick or knock-out move.

These are just a few random thoughts, but just trying to work on a few things that have been on my mind.

More on what I’m reading later, have just been tired late at night, too tired I’m afraid, to read before sleep overtakes me.


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