Word count update

I went with my lovely wife, Ria, to the writer’s meeting at the Barnes & Nobles on Colonial Avenue on Thursday. The guest Speaker was a wonderful insight and a refreshing view at the illustration view of publishing. – Thank you again for your time, Mark Wayne Adams, you were inspirational and educational to me and even eye- opening.

I have written 51000 words towards my novel as of Wednesday night, and I believe I have added nearly another 1000 by this afternoon. I have a little more research to do using the Popplet outline that I had traced out the “events” between the beginning of the turning point all the way to the resolving revelations that close out the end of the story.

I will also be going back into the story that is written at the beginning of each chapter to fill it in with some things that carry more simile and descriptive imagery.

More on the way soon.

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