writing updates

I took the time today to continue typing on my sci-fi text. The handwritten part is still five pages in, but there are nearly 5800 words and the typed counterpart is still only half way down page 9.

I am continuing to read

    Wellspring of Chaos

by L.E. Modesitt Jr. I have reached a pivotal starting point for the second part of my nanowrimo story, which I am looking into outlining the plot lines for at this time. I will be going back into the story to see where to pick up with the current problem. Trying to view this fantasy story as one part in a larger gestalt has been difficult for me to conceptualize without a larger outline that spans the distance of the entire work.

Collecting the characters together to take action within the parameters of the sci-fi work will make things interesting for me, at best. Making the decision not to keep the sci-fi novel within the world of Shadowrun is probably wise, also.

More later.

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